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Kyoto, Japan


Fukuchiyama is a castle town located in the northwestern part of Kyoto Prefecture. Hishiya is located in Hishiya-cho, an area where the streets of a 16th century castle town still remain. This area has been prone to flooding since ancient times, and houses with unique structures have been built to protect household goods from water. Hishiya is a small inn with only 4 rooms that was built in the Taisho era (1912-1926) and has been restored to its original state. The innkeeper, a travel enthusiast himself, carefully selects local traditional industries to decorate the inn in order to welcome guests with the unique charm of Fukuchiyama, which cannot be found in other areas.

Fukuchiyama is the gateway city to the northern part of the Kansai region. This inn is recommended as a base for trips to the Sea of Japan side of the country, where you can enjoy the delicacies of the sea, or as a stopover on your journey.

All rooms are equipped with DUXIANA mattresses.

Mattress: Special specification model


Kyoto Pref, Fukuchiyama, Hishiya 52

Kyoto 620-8501



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