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The DUX bed model 5005 in a bedroom environment


DUX 5005

Deep-contouring, dual-base design plus extra soft top.

DUX 5005

Our continental bed topped with an extra thick layer of natural latex for a softer feeling.

DUX 5005 Inspiration  Xupport
DUX 5005 Inspiration  Xupport plus
DUX 5005 Inspiration  Xupport


  • Double-spring mattresses with natural latex and two layers of 12cm and 12cm springs
  • Continental mattress with an extra thick layer of natural latex
  • Available in medium or firm
  • Number of springs in 90x200cm is 1,956
  • Replaceable latex topper
  • Leather details
  • Mattress height 44cm
  • Recommended leg height 8cm, 12cm, 16cm
  • Velcro fastening for bed skirts
  • DUX 5005 in widths of 140cm and above are always supplied with two bases


DUX 5005 has double layers of DUX unique spring system with soft natural latex and cotton batting. Moreover, it has an extra thick layer of natural latex on top. This gives the bed an inviting and luxurious feel with the typical features of a DUX continental bed.


Width Length
90cm 200cm
90cm 210cm
90cm 220cm
105cm 200cm
105cm 210cm
105cm 220cm
120cm 200cm
120cm 210cm
120cm 220cm
140cm 200cm
140cm 210cm
140cm 220cm
160cm 200cm
160cm 210cm
160cm 220cm
180cm 200cm
180cm 210cm
180cm 220cm
210cm 200cm
210cm 210cm
210cm 220cm

Customise your bed

We believe that your bed is your castle. That is why we let you choose all the components, from mattress, headboard and top pad to legs. Make DUX personal!

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Spinal health

Back pain relief

DUX bed is a perfect solution for those who suffer from back pain. It allows pressure-free rest, keeping your spine in line. Giving the proper support to your back and sleeping in the correct posture can change your days for good.

We've got your back

Bedroom interior with the DUX bed model 5005 and Anna headboard

DUX 5005

Close-up on the DUX 5005 with Anna headboard.

DUX 5005

Superior comfort

The secret behind DUX is technology. We aim to ensure the highest sleep quality, focusing on proper posture and improved deep sleep. Thanks to continuous coil spring design and time-tested technology, the DUX beds are incredibly comfortable.

The DUX innovation

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Choose your bed legs, headboard, bed skirt and linen. Our exclusive line of accessories is the perfect fit for your DUX bed.

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