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DUX 8008

DUX 8008 is a continental bed with our unique Pascal system for customisation in the top, as well as a crank in the base to adjust the firmness. This is the most adjustable and comfortable bed from DUX.

  • DUX Spring system DUX spring system with interconnected coils
  • Pascal System DUX unique Pascal system with interchangeable spring cassettes for easily adapting the bed to suit individual comfort. Read more
  • OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX means that every component of this article, that is every thread, button and other accessories, has been tested for harmful substances and that it contains none.
  • Fire proof All beds and top pads have been fire tested according to BS EN597-1 1995 and BS EN597-2 1995 complies with BS 7177:2008
  • Lumbar support Adjustable lumbar ­support system for the lower back to increase firmness and help to alleviate back pain.
DUX 8008 Inspiration  Xupport
DUX 8008 Inspiration  Xupport
DUX 8008 Inspiration  Xupport


  • Double-spring mattresses with natural latex two layers of 12cm springs
  • Continental mattress with Pascal system – easy adjustment of comfort zones from soft to extra firm
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Number of springs in 90x200cm is 1,956
  • Leather details
  • Replaceable top on the upper side of the bed
  • Mattress height 44cm
  • Recommended leg height 8cm, 12cm, 16cm
  • Velcro fastening for bed skirts
  • DUX 8008 in widths of 140cm and above are always supplied with two bases


DUX 8008 continental bed is our most advanced bed. It has twice as many springs as a regular bed and more customisation options than any other. DUX’s double-spring system, with ­thousands of dynamically interlinked springs, ­offers exceptional spring depth. Depending on the size, the bed features up to six Pascal cartridges ­divided according to the body’s three comfort zones – shoulders, hips and legs. Each zone can be adjusted to be soft, medium, firm or extra firm. DUX 8008 also features an adjustable lumbar ­support system for each side of the bed. With the twist of a dial, you can visibly set the level between medium and firm.


Width Length
90cm 200cm
90cm 210cm
90cm 220cm
105cm 200cm
105cm 210cm
105cm 220cm
120cm 200cm
120cm 210cm
120cm 220cm
140cm 200cm
140cm 210cm
140cm 220cm
160cm 200cm
160cm 210cm
160cm 220cm
180cm 200cm
180cm 210cm
180cm 220cm
210cm 200cm
210cm 210cm
210cm 220cm

Customise your bed

We believe that your bed is your castle. That is why we let you choose all the components, from mattress, headboard and top pad to legs. Make DUX personal!

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Extra lift when you need it

Adjustable lumbar support

The lumbar support is built for those who search for ultimate comfort. You can raise your side of the bed depending on your needs. It helps especially during an injury or pregnancy when your back can use some additional help for optimum relief and recovery.

Simply depress the retractable lever and spin to raise the lumbar area to meet your personal comfort.

The Pascal Customisable Support System

Tailored to your needs

The Pascal Customisable Support System allows customising your side of the bed. The cassettes come in four variations (soft, medium, firm and extra firm density), personalised in three different zones: shoulders, hips and legs. All of it to ensure proper spinal alignment for a good night's sleep.

Discover our Pascal system

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Choose your bed legs, headboard, bed skirt and linen. Our exclusive line of accessories is the perfect fit for your DUX bed.

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Superior comfort

The secret behind DUX is technology

Sustainable craftmanship

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Back pain relief

The perfect solution for those who suffer from back pain