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DUX Hospitality collection

A solution for every need

DUX made to measure

A comprehensive collection

Drawing from our many years of experience in working with a broad spectrum of hotels globally, we have created a simplistic but complete collection that caters for the majority of environments.

Bespoke design offering

Whilst our collection caters for a wide range of needs, we understand that sometimes our partner needs something bespoke… Due to our unique experience and the fact that we hold the key to our own manufacturing capabilities, we can fulfil any brief.

One step further

The best way to experience the DUX bed is in an exclusively designed setting. To achieve this we work with your interior design team to create a tailor-made concept for your hotel that reinforces your brand and is exclusive to you.

The hotel line up at a glance

All bed models can be custom-made to meet specific requirements.

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The key benefits


Due to the configuration of the DUX bed, it is possible to only dress the top pad and due to the fact you never need to turn a DUX mattress, this has the benefit of saving time along with the wear and tear on the housekeeping staff.

Restore, renew, replace

Due to the unique component based design of the DUX bed it is possible to replace individually worn or damaged elements rather than the entire bed saving both money and the environment

The bed that breathes

An important and overlooked benefit of a spring system derives from the fact that the bed is essentially hollow. This allows air flow to be generated by the user’s movements. The streaming air can not only shuttle body heat out of the mattress, but can also produce the level of ventilation necessary to help combat odours, bacteria and fungus.

Customise your side of the bed

Pascal Customisable Support System

We embrace the differences between people who share the same bed. That is why our Pascal system of interchangeable spring cassettes allows you to customise your side of the bed individually. Our goal is to ensure the optimal support and comfort without comprises.

An obsession with longevity

DUX is a proud recipient of the Oeko-Tex 100 Certificate.

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Find a perfect place to sleep

Try the DUX bed at a hotel

The world’s most prestigious hotels realise that the greatest luxury of all is a good night’s sleep. The highest quality and innovative technology earned trust among our partners who use only DUX beds in their hotels.

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