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Ine, Japan

Guri Inn

CAFE & BB guri is located in Ine-cho, a small fishing village facing the Sea of Japan in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture. Guri means "fishing reef.” This small bed an breakfast strives to be a place where travellers and locals can gather casually, like fish gathering on a fishing reef in the sea.

Here you can enjoy a bit of luxury in a traditional house, limited to 1 group per day. In the modern and relaxing space of a renovated traditional house built in 1957, you'll find a cypress wood bathroom, free Wi-Fi, a kitchenette, a projector for watching movies, an original amplifier and speakers, a full range of amenities, and sophisticated yukata so you can relax and enjoy a little luxury as if you were at home. The first floor is a café where you can enjoy a homemade breakfast made using local ingredients.

The single room is equipped with a DUXIANA mattress and extra futon mattress.

Mattress: Special specification model

Extra futon mattress: Pascal Futon

Guri Inn

Kyoto Pref, Hirata 127, Yoza Gun

Ine 626-0493



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