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An exhibition curated by Pernille Vest

DUX presents the exhibition Living Icons in connection with this year's edition of 3DaysofDesign in Copenhagen. Interior stylist Pernille Vest has curated the Living Icons exhibition at Galleri Mikael Andersen based on Bruno Mathsson's iconic furniture.

"The Living Icons exhibition is a tribute to Bruno Mathsson's timeless design classics designed for DUX. Living Icons is based on an interplay of objects by contemporary Scandinavian designers that, in terms of form and material, both challenge and reflect Bruno Mathsson's iconic design," says Pernille Vest, interior stylist and curator of the exhibition.

The architect and designer Bruno Mathsson was born in 1907 in Värnamo, Sweden, and is the designer who has influenced modern Swedish furniture design the most. During the 60s and 70s, DUX had a close collaboration with Mathsson, which resulted in several of DUX's timeless design classics such as; armchairs and footstools – Ingrid , Jetson , Karin , Karin 73 and Pernilla 69 and the side table Karin .

Bruno Mathsson was one of the forerunners of the style that came to be known as Swedish Modern. As classic as his furniture is the story of how Bruno Mathsson sat down in a snowdrift to create the optimal shape for a piece of furniture. Mathsson's starting point for a piece of furniture was always the shape of the body and the mechanics of sitting - the interaction between furniture and people.

As he himself put it:

''The ultimate sitting is an art, which it shouldn't be. Instead, the production of seating furniture should be done with such art that sitting in it does not become art.''


Galerie Mikael Andersen
Bredgade 63
1260 Copenhagen

The exhibition is open during 3DaysofDesign, 15–17 June 2022
Opening hours 10.00–17.00

Visit the 3daysofdesign website